Saturday, May 2, 2015

New Releases from the Bhaktivedanta Archives

On this auspicious day, May 2nd, Nṛsiṁha-caturdaśī,
the Bhaktivedanta Archives offers two new releases:
the VedaBase 2015 update and the original unedited
audio of Śrīla Prabhupāda for the year 1973.

The VedaBase
 update includes:
  • Updated audio transcripts for the year 1973 
  • Prabhupada Memories, Entire Collection of ITV Interviews, expanded up to chapter 60.  [Siddhanta Dasa]
* If you already own the “Folio Views” VedaBase software version 2003.1, this update is free. 

The 1973 original audio update includes: 
  • (418 audio files, 252 hours, 11 Gb)

    Available original audio sets:

    1977  (237 hours, 387 audio files, 10 Gb) 
    1976  (340 hours, 703 audio files, 17 Gb) 
    1975  (315 hours, 563 audio files, 14 Gb) 
    1974  (250 hours, 439 audio files, 11 Gb) 
    1973  (252 hours, 418 audio files, 11 Gb)
    Total:  (1394 hours, 2510 audio files, 63 Gb)

    Have the 1973 original audio sent to you for $50, including shipping and handling worldwide, on a USB Flash Drive. Or all published years for $75. To request this, contact: or go to our PayPal donation page:

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    Thank you.

    The Bhaktivedanta Archives staff,
    Parama-rūpa Dāsa
    Nitya-tptā Devī Dāsī
    Kula-priya Devī Dāsī
    Ekanātha Dāsa

    iOS users: A full VedaBaseTM 2014.1 version is available from the App store for the iPad and iPhone for $50.-. This rendering will be updated to the current 2015 soon. (Please note this is not a Bhaktivedanta Archives offering however the content is reproduced under license)