Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 27th, 2014. Śrīla Prabhupāda Disappearance Day Announcement.

New releases from the Bhaktivedanta Archives

The VedaBaseTM 2014.1 Update for Mac and Windows. Plus Original 1974 Śrīla Prabhupāda Audio

On the Disappearance Day of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, Founder-Acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, the Bhaktivedanta Archives offers several new releases.

The VedaBaseTM  2014.1 Update
[Also Compatible with Windows 7 & 8.1—64 bit]

   The VedaBase TM 2014.1 update includes:
  • Re-verified and completed transcriptions of the Śrīla Prabhupāda
    original audio collection for 1974.
  • Global textual corrections made since the previous update.

      If you already own the “Folio Views” VedaBaseTM software version 2003.1,
      this update is free. And future NFO releases will continue to be free.

Please download the VB2014.1TM NFO update
                        for the Windows Operating System here:
[Instructions included]

The 1974 original audio

The 1974 original audio gives you the full audio recordings of Śrīla Prabhupāda from 1974 in MP3 format. (250 hours, 439 audio files, 11 Gb)

At no cost, you can listen to these chronological files online or download them,
individually, from
   1974  (250 hours, 439 audio files, 11 Gb)
   1975  (315 hours, 563 audio files, 14 Gb)

   1976  (340 hours, 703 audio files, 17 Gb)

   1977  (237 hours, 387 audio files, 10 Gb)

Total:  (1142 hours, 2092 audio files, 52 Gb)
(In chronological order, includes individual transcription files in PDF format)

New category:
By Subject (1142 hours, 2098 audio files, 52 Gb)
(Includes individual transcription files in PDF format)

·         Arrivals\
·         Bhagavad-gita Lectures\
·         Bhavans Journal Questionnaire\
·         Caitanya-caritamrta Lectures\
·         Chantings and Dictations\
·         Conversations\
·         Darshans\
·         Departures\
·         Initiations\
·         Interviews\
·         General Lectures\
·         Meetings\
·         Miscellaneous\
·         Observances\
·         Srimad Bhagavatam Lectures\
·         Walks\

Other Important Points:
  1. Order all at once, for only $50.- (includes worldwide shipping and handling), on a USB flash-drive. To request a set, contact:, or go directly to our PayPal donation page:
  2. You can also obtain these same files via
  3. In future, all archival audio files will be accompanied by an individual transcription file in PDF format.  PDF transcription files in chronological order for 1974-1977 can be downloaded below:
    These files are zipped (compressed), 32 bit extraction software is included.
  4. Guideline for ordering clarification:  
    A 64 Gb USB flash drive will be made available for a donation of $50.-, incl. worldwide shipping and handling.
  5. Questions for the Windows Platform:
    Questions for Mac Platform:
  6. A dedicated Linux/WINE version of VedaBase TM 2014.1 for the Mac [Apple] is now available. (please see below)
  7. A full VedaBase TM 2012 version is available for the iPad and iPhone for only $50.-. This rendering will be updated in the next several weeks to the current 2014.1.
  8. Help is provided via email only, not by phone. When contacting us about a particular problem, try to be as specific as possible.  For example: state your Operating System, computer type, what is broken or what it is you are trying to resolve, etc. Include screenshots to help clarify your issue. We normally reply the same day.
  9. Attention 64 bit Windows users:  If your installation hangs or does not finalize, please do the following: 
    1. After the installation hangs or freezes, reboot your PC with the CD removed.
    2. Right click on the 'Views' icon in C:\Bhaktivedanta VedaBase 2003\. (Views.exe)
    3. Choose 'Properties'.
    4. Click on the 'Compatibility' tab.
    5. Check the box next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
    6. And then choose the Windows XP Service Pack 2.
    7. Click on OK.

   The diacritic fonts, if they fail to install:

From the Fonts folder (included in the 2003 download or CD) drag its selected contents to the fonts folder icon in your control panel.

The VedaBaseTM  2014.1 for the Mac (Apple) platform

1.      Now available.
2.      Full complete version.
3.      Self-contained.
4.      Easy setup.
5.      No additional software required.
6.      This software and database is gratis.
7.      Please consider a donation for this service for Mac users. Thank you!

Please download the FREE self-contained VB2014.1TM Mac version here:

[Instructions included]

The Bhaktivedanta Archives staff
Parama-rūpa Dāsa
Nitya-tṛptā Devī Dāsī
Kula-priya Devī Dāsī
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