Monday, January 14, 2013


           Srila Prabhupada Legacy Vault Update. 

Camp Prabhupada Village.
There is light at the end of the tunnel…

With 2013 here and construction restarted we now have what looks like a real security vault.

The concrete for the roof and floor are poured, adding the final strength to the overall structure along with a rubberized roof membrane.

As an added layer of protection we have installed “Fire-Proof” board to the outside and inside walls.

With all this progress it now allows us to start roughing in the utilities.

Simultaneously strengthening/repair to the path leading to the vault along with needed upgrades to the building the vault is housed in are complete.

Next will be installation of the A/C and air curtain above the door. We also are anticipating the arrival soon of the “strong room door” that will not only put the finishing touch to the major construction but will also symbolize the new secure environment.

The pest control people came one
more time to treat the floor area.

Rebar grid on roof in place.

Concrete pump is called back into action.

Barry handling the concrete pump.

The roof pour was rather intense but successful. 

Due to concrete exposure Mukunda sustained
some nasty burns to his arm and shoulder.

It was all a very tight fit

Floor is prepped with gravel. 

With the insulation and membrane in
place, the floor is ready for the pour.

A special crew was commissioned
to do a professional job.

Father and son in bliss handling
the heavy dense concrete for the floor. 

The experts at work. 

Posing with a smile while unknowlingly
receiving spiritual benefits.

Typical propeller machine is used to
help smoothen the concrete surface. 

All done. The floor will be covered
later on with good quality Linoleum.

Mukunda preparing the floor gutters. 

The crew applying the final
touches to the gutters.

The garage sidewalk was in disrepair... 

...but is now properly fixed and has anchors.

David, an electrician, is installing the wiring. 

The ceiling structure is put in place.

One of the 12 electrical outlets.

Time for a prasadam-cookie break.

Fire-proof boards have been installed
on both the outside and inside walls.

Thank you for your time and interest.
The Archives staff