Sunday, December 23, 2012


Dec-22-2012, Srila Prabhupada Legacy Vault Update

Camp Prabhupada Village;

The cool crisp mornings over the past week have only been broken by the sound of progress.

We must say the work crew headed up by Mukunda Prabhu are very professional, respectful and a pleasure to have around and seem to share the same excitement we have to see the project complete.

The large footings are poured using 3000 psi concrete strength to firmly anchor the structure from the rare event of a Hurricane or Tornado ever passing this way. 

Now we have moved onto the walls with ICF brand: Arxx Steel, and concrete with an overall thickness of 13 inches and concrete strength of 5000 psi to give strength and resist moisture.

                                                    Rebar being prepped for the walls

We can now see the size and shape of the vault and 
it feels like major progress has been made

Mukunda Prabhu prepping the wall forms

The main and only entry has been framed in
The walls [8"] and door frame [13"]
are now ready to be poured.

Stay tuned for the next update this week when the unique roof should start taking shape.

Your servants,
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